Smoke oil distillate Gauge 1

Hi All at Reynaulds. I have KM1 locomotives and am wondering if I am able to use the smoke oil distillate available from Marklin, Seuthe or ESU (as well of course KM1). Thankyou in advance for your guidance. Cheers from New Zealand, Tony


  • I hope this is not restating the obvious -- but, it depends on whether or not your locomotive has a smoke generator installed.

    Look inside the smokestack, and if there is an additional tube inside the stack, that would be part of the smoke generator.

    A couple of things about smoke generators: Seuthe makes two different versions in most sizes, depending on whether the locomotive is designed for analog or digital operation. The analog generators are designed to work at lower voltages snd may burn out sooner at digital voltages. And, with digital locomotives, the smoke generator may be wired in one of several ways: It may be always on, as long as the locomotive is receiving power; or, more likely, the smoke generator is either wired into the light circuit or an individual function of the decoder. If it is wired into the light circuit, turning on the locomotive lights also powers the smoke generator. If it is wired as a function output, you will need to figure out which function button turns the smoke generator on and off. (Some Roco locomotives, for example, have the last two options selectable via a jumper plug on the main circuit board.)

    Your locomotive documentation should tell you whether the model has provisions for a user-installed smoke generator, and which Seuthe model would fit.

    The smoke fluid sold by most model manufacturers is actually the Seuthe product -- and is, I presume, the same for all scales.

    Hope that helps.

    -- Ernest

  • Thanks Ernest. I appreciate those comments. Yes indeed the KM1 locomotives have the smoke unit which is a complex one providing emissions from the smoke stack and valve gear steam. I was just wanting reassurance as to using other than the KM1 smoke oil distillate product.
    Cheers, Tony

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