Magnorail Hidden Rail System, Make All Your Vehicles Move Around Your Layout. presents a video on "Magnorail".Magnorail has the solution for more activity on the street and on the water. Reynaulds is proud to announce that we are the exclusive importer for Magnorail in North America. Thanks to an invisible chain system with magnets everything starts moving. The Magnorail system is available since 2012. Hundreds of modelers have already successfully incorporated the Magnorail system into their model railways and dioramas. Everything moves with our hidden rail system
How does it work? A chain with magnets runs under the surface. This chain is powered by a 12 Volt DC motor. Vehicles can be pulled 'above ground'. The eye-catcher on Europe's largest model fair - the Intermodellbau in Dortmund - is the truly pedaling cyclist in scale HO. 'Magic!' according to the many visitors of the stand. In HO there is also a tandem and delivery bike available in addition to the pedaling cyclist (male, female, or sportsman on a mountain bike). And there's more to come .. Tiny sliders are available for vehicles in scale HO, TT, N, and Z. This allows almost any car, truck and Minitank to drive through your model layout or diorama. You can set into motion any vehicle from any manufacturer including mopeds, bicycles, boats and more, and if desired, vehicles can be swapped in seconds. You too can bring your layout or diorama to life and amaze the audience. Watch our video and be amazed! To purchase the Magnorail starter sets click here


  • That would work for a new layout that can be planned for installation under the subroadbed. It would be very problematic for a railroad with completed benchwork and all of the supporting woodwork for multiple levels. I don't see how a system like this could be installed.

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    wonder how rare earth magnets would go ? :p GO SPEED RACER GO!

  • I agree with Michael. A great system for a new layout, integrating it into an existing one may be difficult.


  • StormriderStormrider Vancouver,WA

    Saw this system on YouTube a while back and thought it was great, but there are a few "Problems" with it.
    One, you cannot have junctions (turnouts) as it is a fixed "loop" system, all vehicles must travel the same way in the same direction (unless you have two tracks parallel to each other and not sure if the magnets will interfere with each other,{ I assume not as they are so small}).
    The other and more distracting thing is that is very noisy ! You need a train to be running all the time to cover the sound of the links clicking together, especially as they go around the drive sprockets.
    It was a while ago since I saw it and I cannot remember if there was a depth limit to the surface the chain runs under to keep the magnets 'in contact', I believe all examples were using thick card rather than plastic or wood.

  • I agree. No turnouts. ALso, how would this interact with Faller? I thought this would be good in a park or mountain setting where you have paths and could run the bicycles. Or under a river or lake for a boat. I don't think it is street practical.

  • Hello all. New to this forum. I model domestic trains (n scale) but saw this system and wanted to incorporate it into my small layout. With my layout being so small I wanted to expand options and add operations with vehicles. Originally I was looking at Faller but it just isn't going to do what I want it to do. I then discovered this system. I contacted Magnorail directly. They provided some recommendations, but I was curious if any of you have used it. It seems like it would work, but the investment is significant enough to warrant gathering as many first hand experiences as possible. Thank you for having me.

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