N scale Decoder for coreless motor

Hello does anyone have experience with decoders that work best with coreless motors? I installed small coreless motors in 2 Fleischmann N scale locs and the motors are very rough and jerking on Digitrax decoders, even after playing a lot with CVs 55, 56, and 57. The locos work smooth as silk with the coreless motors on staight D.C.


  • BR42BR42 Auburn
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    I would see how the motor runs with back emf being turned off, i.e. setting CV57 to "0". If this does not help, try to get in touch with Digitrax tech support too. Zimo decoders may be the best alternative.

  • Hello, thanks. I tried a Zimo decoder as they were advertised as being good with coreless motors but it did not work at all, i.e., the loco was dead with the decoder in it. I tried the Zimo on another loco with a regular motor and it was also dead. So I sent it back to the dealer (not many folks seem to sell them in the USA) for testing and am a bit leery of the Zimo brand now.

  • I have Zimo decoders in two Roco locomotives without issue. One is fairly new and the other has been running for three years.

    Make sure the DC Running option is turned off on the decoder. I forget the CV now.

  • BR42BR42 Auburn

    Half of my Digitrax and TCS decoder are about 15 years old. Try running the coreless motors with CV 57 set to "0" on the Digitrax decoders.


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