Dutch rail cam bonanza -- lots of ideas for models

For anyone who needs a European train video fix -- the link below is for an amazing 26-minute compilation from one day (June of this year) from a live streaming Web cam in a small town in the southeast of the Netherlands.


Though the electrified double-track main line shown by the camera is usually moderately busy with Dutch local and long-distance EMU trains -- and an occasional freight or long-distance passenger train, this day the line saw a huge volume of detour traffic because the normal main rail connection between the Netherlands and Germany was closed due to construction work.

This compilation includes not only a large number of intermodal trains, but both German and Dutch ICE trains and even an Amsterdam-Vienna sleeper train.

Motive power for the freights includes multi-system electric locomotives from Germany and other countries. Container traffic is, of course, to and from the port of Rotterdam, one of the busiest container ports in the world.

(A lot of the freight equipment you see, including locomotives, is available from Roco!}


-- Ernest


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    Enjoyable fix, that. The brisk efficiency and the lush Dutch countryside is a pleasant view. I am a little envious how so much is carefully thought out; demonstrating the tradition of Dutch passion for commerce and tidiness.

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