CS3+ message: "GFP3-1 - Channel 1 overloaded"

FredFred Crystal Lake, I

My CS3+ is about one year old and has been used for a total of ~20 hours. I am building a new layout and connected it to the portion of the layout that is completed to test the track power. This section has five feeder wires that go to distribution strips at either end of the layout. These distribution strips are connected to another distribution strip (centrally located) which is fed by the power directly from the CS3+. When I powered on the CS I was able to register a new loc, but when I went to run the loc, I received the message that the GFP3-1 - Channel 1 was overloaded and the CS would not run trains until that was resolved.
I do not know what GFP3-1 - Channel 1 refers to. When I checked settings I found a voltage reading in excess of 19.
Please help.


  • BR42BR42 Auburn


    Do you have S88 sensors? Apparently, the problem has something to do with them. I would start with a separate section of track, connect it to the CS and see if the problem goes away. Then, I would connect it to the layout without the S88 connected to the command station. Beyond this, I have no immediate suggestion, since I do not use CS.


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