Weathering Roco Roadbed

I am back to building my layout using Roco with built in roadbed. Does anyone have any advice on how to weather the grey roadbed? I have figured out the track can come up off the roadbed.
In addition, will this work when weathering switches?
THank you.


  • RailwriterRailwriter Durham, NC

    Hello Paul,

    Yes, weathering Roco Line track with roadbed is worth-while.

    In most cases, it will need to be done in several steps, using different methods.

    As you noted, regular track van be removed from the roadbed, which makes spray painting the roadbed simple. No, do not try to remove switches from the roadbed. If you do want to spray paint switches, use making tape to cover the operating parts. That way, you can spray the shoulders of the roadbed. You will then need to touch up the previously masked areas with a small brush.

    While the tracks are removed from the roadbed, you can color in the sides of the rails, making sure you clean the contact areas (top of the rail) to ensure good electrical contact.

    Make sure all the paints you use are flat (non-glossy). After you reassemble the track and roadbed, you can add a final wash of rust color.

    What colors you use will depend on your tastes and how new you want the roadbed to look.

    Hint: For the roadbed of track with concrete ties, you may want to use a slightly darker color to provide better contrast. You can manually blend slight differences in color between different sections of track when the track is installed. Use a small brush.

    If you have the patience, you can use a permanent marker (Sharpie) with a fine point to blacken the tie plates early in the weathering process.

    Just a few thoughts. I hope they help or at least provide some points to think about.

    -- Ernest

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