Electrical question(s)

Hi Team. It appears that I may have "shorts" somewhere in my layout (around my points(?). Sometimes, my locos are working fine (around a point), but the next loop around my track, it "shorts" out. By "shorts", I mean it stops for a second, then starts again. Sometimes, the "short" may be in a straight section. Its like the entire layout doesn't work smoothly or consistently, or there is a electrical problem. I cleaned all the layout (especially the points) multiple times, etc. Is there a module (or something) that keeps electricity consistent around the entire layout (including points), or is there anything I can do to fix? I hope this makes sense.

  • Fleishman - all track, points, locos, etc.
  • Z21 - Digital system


  • Chris,

    This is almost impossible t diagnose from a distance. I would suggest to remove everything from the layout, and run one loco only. If it runs fine, then add another loco at a time till the problem reoccurs. Set that loco aside and continue. It may be only one loco. Only add cars after all the problems have been fixed.


  • ok, thx for the advice.

  • Let me know if that works. Since the short appears everywhere, it most likely a loco or a car having a bug. Are all zour locos having the problem or all?

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