Catenary questions

I am beginning to build out Viessman catenary but have a question. I use Roco track with roadbed. Any recommendations on how to elevate the catenary masts a little bit or does it matter. I have tried searching and can not find any advice on this.


  • Paul:
    I use regular track on a 5mm thick cork-bedding. This combination is height wise the same as Roco track with bedding.

    My masts are not from Viessmann, but the old style Marklin masts. Moreover, I have a couple of Viessmann tower masts with counterweight. I mounted all masts directly on the wood and have no problems with the height. There is no need to elevate the masts.


  • BR42 has good advise. There is no need to raise the masts. My track is on cork roadbed and the mast are just fine and so is the clearance.

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