Best place to start, analogue or digital?

i am considering buying a starter set. Which is easier to setup initially and expand in the future, analogue or digital? I noticed that some digital starters come with some basic switching, but analogue sets do not. Is analogue switching more difficult? Do both types require wiring or only analogue? Basically which system is easier for a beginner? Obviously analogue is less expensive, but usually you get what you pay for. Therefore, I assume digital is better, but not completely sure.


  • Hello Eric
    Analog will not allow you to run multiple trains independently on the same track without a special analog electronic system to address each locomotive separately. I designed such a system for my own layout before the advent of DCC, but it is quite complex and does not provide all the extra functions of DCC such as sound and many other functions. So, unless you only want to run one train at a time on a single track, digital would be the answer for you.
    I wish you lots of fun.

  • BR42BR42 Auburn

    Hallo Eric:

    At this point, I would not go the analogue route, unless you are planning to model a small branch line where you run one train at a time and maybe have a couple of extra locos parked at a shed. However, even then, I would go digital and add sound.


  • Thanks everyone for the useful information!

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