Langwies Station

Recently I've been working on an additional station on the RhB. I bought the Langwies station kit from a hobby shop in the Netherlands and completed it some months ago. I also added the additional station tracks, and I'm now starting on the catenary. The catenary is Sommerfeldt and detail parts are from Swiss Modell Rail in Switzerland.


  • Hello Michael
    First of all, thanks for your nice comment on the lake colour (Scenery Pitfalls). But now to these great new pictures! I had wondered what was in the works on the RhB line as it has been quiet on your front for a while. No wonder though, such amazing work takes time and effort. The catenary detail is superb and the Langwies Station replica a jewel. Looking forward to the continuation. Thanks for sharing.

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    Hello Michael:

    Great pictures and a great layout! I enjoy seeing your picture every time.


  • Thank you fellows.

    I completed the third cross-span bridge this morning, so that only leaves the last one exiting the station.

  • Catenary has been going up the last couple of weeks. It's a very tedious process to hand solder all of this. The longest unsupported span is over 25" and off-the-shelf catenary would not work for the correct mast spacing at the station.

    I'me getting close to finishing, but then I have to grind all of the small dropper nubs hanging below the contact wire. That's going to take awhile too.

  • A few more from Langwies:

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    Looks great.


  • Thanks Ulrich.
    Most of the catenary work is finished now, but I'm waiting on a few anchor masts for the end of the line and a standard main line mast to tie into the rest of the catenary.
    Yesterday, I also installed the exterior station lighting.

  • It' finally finished except for the power distribution grid. I'll be working on that over the next few days and get it mounted by next week I hope.

  • Hello Michael,
    I don't know how I missed all this amazing additional work until now. Your layout, the background and the RhB rolling stock just melds beautifully. The catenary work is truly superb.
    And thank you for your nice comment on my waterfall in Scenery Pitfalls overcome. I appreciate the positive feedback.

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    Thanks Uli. I've since finished the power grid, but the mounting was a little unorthodox. There was not enough room on the side of the tracks to mount this where it is supposed to go, so just like the outside catenary mast, I had to mount it to concrete columns made from 1/2" round pine.

  • Great solution. And who's to say that it is unorthodox anyway. The best part of creating a layout is that you are planner, architect and engineer all in one. No holds barred on any good ideas.

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