How to configure ESU Switch Pilot 3 as a Marklin m83 decoder?

I'm hoping to find someone who might know how to configure ESU Switch Pilot 3 with two extensions to act as a Marklin m83 decoder. My goal is to use ESU decoders to operate a two-position solenoid for Marklin turnouts and signals. I've been able to get Servo motors to work just as programmed, but not solenoids. The solenoid does change position when activated. However, the power never shuts off and the solenoid buzzes and will burn out if this problem is not corrected.

ESU Switch Pilot 3 item 51832
ESU Switch Pilot extension item 51801

I read the ESU manual and it says the decoder is compatible with both servo motors and two position solenoid motors. There is no information about how to set solenoid motors. What settings must I do to correct this problem? On the older Switch Pilot 2, there was a slide switch that you could switch between m83 and m84 operation. This slide switch is no longer on the Switch Pilot 3. The main difference between both models is the Switch Pilot 2 only handled 4 servo motors and the Switch Pilot 3 handles 8 servo motors.

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  • F.Y.I.
    My question has been answered by ESU support team. Their reply was as follows:
    "The 75491 switch mechanisms cannot be operated with a combination of 51832 and 51801.
    You need 51830(old 51820) or 51831. Only these models can switch the Märklin double coil drives."
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    Glad to help. I was out of the country for almost 3 months, so I saw your messages only now.


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