N gauge Points controller question

Building a new setup on a 5'x3' base. All my locos and rolling stock are class 80 German manufactures so I'm continuing to use Fleischmann 91 series rail all the way. Previously I've always used manual turnouts but since the design is a working rail yard with outside loop, I've decided to use remote controlled turnouts for all the sidings and loop connects. I plan to use three 22261's, a 22272 and a 22247 in the yard but need to confirm that the 6920 switch control is correct, mainly because Fleischmann indicates in it' catalog it's an HO controller but I consider it to be the correct one to use for N gauge. Correct?


  • RailwriterRailwriter Durham, NC

    While I am not familiar with the specific Fleischmann items, I think I may still be able to offer some advice.

    Analog turnout (switch or points) controls are not only scale independent but also manufacturer independent. The purpose of the controllers is to simply send a brief burst of electricity to a magnet in the remote-control turnout to move the actual turnout points from one position to another. Some controls will even indicate the last action taken, letting you know the current setting of the points.

    Yes, there are also some high-end turnout motors, which move the points with an actual motor, providing very realistic slow-speed movement of the points. And these motors may require very specific matching controls. But, I assume that's not what we are talking about here.

    For example, I have a number of turnout controls from the now-defunct Austrian manufacturer Kleinbahn. They work just fine with the Roco turnouts on my test track.

    I hope that helps.

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