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Okay, this is not railroad related.  As the header says, this section is for off-topic discussions.

But, as some of you have told me that you have enjoyed, or at least found of interest, the articles that I have produced for the Reynauld's Blog. here's a pointer to an article that I wrote more than a decade ago for a relatively small trade magazine, Homeland Security Today.

The article focuses on what I saw being done right in the aftermath of Hurricane Camille -- where I was there in the aftermath -- and which I saw being done wrong in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  Of course, many of these thoughts about hurricane response are still applicable to current disasters, particularly Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Ironically, the same year that I was involved in the response to Hurricane Camille, I had also spent time in Puerto Rico, as part of a large military exercise focusing on the invasion of a small country.

Yes, Puerto Rico is not part of the mainland U.S., but there are still a lot of military capabilities that could have been used better.

And, yes, that article is available in the FEMA library.  But, I am not sure anyone has read it recently.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

-- Ernest


  • el Gato Gordoel Gato Gordo Colorado Spring

    Thanks, Ernest, but the article wasn't there when I tried to read it.



  • RailwriterRailwriter Durham, NC


    This was a very old post from over a year ago. The magazine and its Web site have been taken over by a new publisher, who apparently reorganized the Web site.

    I was able to still find the article -- took some doing -- and have edited the above link. I am also repeating it here:

    I noticed that the new publisher somehow conveniently managed to delete my byline.

    -- Ernest

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