Liliput Tigerli 4848

Hello, I recently purchased this little engine and found the center drive gear to be in 2 pieces. I assume this is broken, so my first questions is it indeed a 1 piece center gear, secondly, where can I find replacement parts? thanks in advance


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    I believe that the current owners of Liliput still offer versions of this locomotive -- which, I assume, have the same running gear. So, the parts may be available from the manufacturer. If you inquire by e-mail, it would probably be best to include photos of the part(s) in question.

    I own one of these, though I would have to find to box to see what the catalog number is. (My loco mostly resides in a glassed-in display case.) I have the green Feldschlösschen version, made in Vienna (and obtained directly at the original Liliput factory) -- long ago. This loco had unusually delicate running gear for its time, and the running gear is known to be problematic. I had to make some repairs myself --- years ago -- but fortunately that just involved replacing one of the small rivets, which I was able to do with the head of a pin. It still runs fine today. (It has not seen any heavy use. It just gets oiled and test run once a year or so. However, if I can get it converted to digital, it may go to the railroad museum on my layout.)

    If i understand your question correctly, yes, the main rod connecting the three axles is one piece. (Or are you talking about an actual gear wheel inside the locomotive?)

    Hope that helps.

    -- Ernest

  • I think Ernest summarized things nicely. I think I would need to know whether the loco was made by Liliput-Bachmann or the old Austrian LIliput. The former released many of the latter's locos after Liliput Austria went bankrupt, but some have different gearing (e.g. the Ae 4/7) Could you make a picture of the broken parts, which would help diagnosing the problem.


  • If the problem is with a gear inside the locomotive, I found an Ebay dealer in Germany that has a limited number of parts for original Austrian-build Liliput locomotives:

    If the problem is with the running gear on the outside of the locomotive, this dealer also has some parts:

    Some important points:

    • At some point in the future, the above links may no longer be valid, once the items are sold.
    • The first link is to a set of wheels on axles with gears, where the wheels are red, such as in the Tigerli model that I own. I believe the original SBB version had black wheels. I did not look through all the items offered by this vendor, but if he does not have -- and you need -- the black wheels, it would be a simple matter to color the wheels with a black permanent marker.
    • It may be worth contacting the vendor if you have specific questions.

    I hope that will help you get your Liliput locomotive running again.

    -- Ernest

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