LGB Multi Train Control

I have an LGB Jumbo 50101 Power Pack that I bought used.  The literature is not easy.  On line has not helped yet.

It has 3 DC outlets. The literature says you can control multiple locomotives. I certainly can get 3 of them going- but no individual control. They are on independent loops. But they are essentially all under a single control if you will.

I would like to control them independently. Some literature seems to indicate this is possible by inserting a 'throttle' device between the Jumbo and the track. But it is not the least bit clear what that device is. The description of the remotes as I read them seem to indicate that hooking it up just enables me to walk to the end of the wire but have same results.

Do you have any resource to determine what it is? Is it available or out of production? Or to determine that this is simply not possible?

Thanks for any help you can come up with.




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