Rey, I have an important question...

Rey, has anyone visited the shop with a brand new Bemo Allegra ABe 8/12 set and asked if you wanted to buy it?

I am asking because it has now been 62 days that my package has been "Inbound to US Customs" and now the tracking information has changed to "Label Created, Not Yet in System. My local Postmaster told me the tracking number is now archived because of age and lack of a scan within 60 days, though it can still be recalled for investigation.

I think there is always the possibility that this set was stolen from ISC Chicago by an employee and they may try to sell it at one of the local Chicago hobby shops. If they did any research at all, they would know that you deal with imported European trains, and you are probably the only dealer in the area that does.
Please ask for a sales receipt if anyone approaches you or an employee with this set.

If you see or hear of anyone trying this please contact me and/or local law enforcement.

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