Busch Sex Shop

really ? anyone buy this ?
i thought i was bad enough in real life ,
and all i was looking for was a bungee jumper :(


  • well i guess i will have to break out the hot water and re mould a figure and glue up some cotton for the cable.

  • BR42BR42 Auburn

    In Munich, there is one of these right across from the main cathedral, at least the last time I was there some years ago.


  • is it visited by nuns ? i did see the figures of nuns , but nothing really makes me think , of say ? having the nun/s wheeling a bat ? or maybe one being chased by a priest ? or one staggering out of a bar ? (not a nun though ....a bit much i think) how to say ? a bar fly ? i think a bungee jumper would be a great thing to add , or how about a cop sitting at a donut shop ? that sort of thing i would like to see to add character to a layout not of course like SOME i have seen which is just plain crude , but looking at it ? it does happen in real life right ?

  • BR42BR42 Auburn

    It was a chain store called "Beate Uhse" which has branches in most German cities. No, I do not nuns frequent it.

  • of course not , i would not as well, but do the nuns ? but such as , real life ? like soldiers sitting playing cards ? a hospital with people ? or even a doctors office ? just things like in real life , seems not to go the full monty , i think i might have to look into making moulds for figures , such as : koalas , kangaroos , racoons , police doing the standard thing , and different people , when ever i looked at a railway station , all different things happen , (southern cross station is one of them) i have never tried to do , but we all seem to have time to do so right ?

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