FS Märklin 33190

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I received this BR.17 locomotive from my son for Christmas. I just got it due to the USPS being so backed up.
After extensive internet digging, I found that he purchased this model on e-bay for $150. As thoughtful as this gift was, I can't run Märklin on a DC/DCC layout. I have not heard back from the eBay merchant yet about a return so I am offering it here.

When I opened the outer box, I thought it was brand new. It doesn't look like it's ever been out of the box and the little parts baggie is intact with two small pieces that I think are rod guards or guides or something particular to steam locomotives. All paperwork is included too.

This model dates from 2001-2002 according to the Märklin web site. It is equipped for conventional, Digital, and MFX running via DIP switch settings under the top of the tender according to the instructions.
This is being offered as used because of it's age, but it is actually NOS and don't believe it has ever been out of the box.

$150 plus shipping either Paypal or personal check. Of course, personal checks will be held until clearing both our banks.

Trades for DC equipment of equivalent value will be considered. DC rolling stock, DCC locomotives, conifer trees, signaling for DB or RhB, DB or RhB catenary masts, etc.

Ask questions if you like. I don't know much about Märklin or steam engines in general, but I will try to answer any questions you might have.


  • I've decided to keep this locomotive as an historic display on my layout. I had an empty lot I was going to place a structure, but instead removed another structure to open it up to two empty lots. I placed the locomotive and tender on a short piece of track and I will add some ballast and fence the area and put up a small information board in front of the locomotive for visitors. The folks at the Bier Garten next door can marvel at the beautiful locomotive across the yard.

  • Michael:
    Great idea. The locomotive also has a mechanical weakness, one of the motor mounts can crack under too much load. It is a well-known problem with the matching Trix DC model.

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