Old Brawa trolley buses

I have some old Brawa trolley buses. I have three in working order and one I need spare parts for. Does anyone still integrate these into their layout? Mine are just sitting in a box.
I have lots of wire and poles? I would be willing to trade if someone had parts. Specificially I need the internal piece that goes between the front wheels and the trolley pick up at the top. r does anyone have a recommendation of ho to make a new one?


  • Yes, Paul, I have done so. They are marvelous pieces that function surprisingly strong. I recently had a lot, which I sold before seeing your post. I'd enjoy a photo or video of what you have going. Mind you, its been 7 months since your post, here is a bit of what I did:

  • This outtake is from when I was setting up my Enheim, forgive my spelling, it's probably off, that was marketed in the US as
    South Street Bus, or something like that. If memory serves, and I'm too lazy to do a Google Search, there was a close relationship between Brawa and Enheim in the early '60's? In any event, I am a very average sort of modeler, with an eye for the unusual, so I was a bit daunted about setting up catenary for the first time. Anything under a wire, and anything on rails, always gets my attention. This vintage German piece worked splendidly as if it had come off the line yesterday. And to my great relief, I found it to be quite simple and straightforward to install. There is a whole array of intricate junctions out there still. The new trackless car systems are quite remarkable in every respect, but I like the old stuff and I like anything under a wire.

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