Greetings from Indiana

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Hello. Finally getting around to finishing my enclosed N scale layout. I'm afraid it's mostly domestic locations and trains. I came to this site specifically because of the magnorail system. My layout is rather small (essentially a 4x8 enclosed) though the track area is limited to 3x8 (92x244cm). I wanted to add operations and interest with vehicles. I like the Faller system better, but I don't see any way regular cars would ever be available in N scale (for the foreseeable future).

Right now, I'm exploring ways to accomplish the scenes I want. I wish magnorail had larger sets, but I can understand demand limitations. I think I've paired it down to about 240" of run. There will be many elevation changes, which concerns me. I'm replicating my local terrain with its many gulleys and bluffs so a flat surface just isn't an option.

I spoke to Magnorail directly. They offered advice on motor placements and felt that some elevation changes are fine. I can almost certainly say I will be operating outside of their intended vision, but curious to see what it is capable of. I'll share what I find out about magnorail here. My goal is to finish the layout by June, but I expect some trouble along the way.

I'd say my only real concern is maintenance. Providing for access while also obscuring said access I expect will prove a challenge.

Thank you for having me.



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