Lighting kit 73400/Slider 73404 causing short circuit

I recently purchased a lighting kit, including 73400, CCC 72021 and slider 73404. This will be a 3 car consist with one car supplying power via the slider. However, when I place this car on the track, there is a short circuit. By process of elimination, it appears that the slider is causing the short. Perhaps the slider is touching the wheels/axels? Has anyone else experienced this problem? How can I fix this?
Thank you.


  • BR42BR42 Auburn

    I do not run Marklin, but 2-rail track, so I have not experienced the type of problem. I would put the car upside down in a foam cradle, and touch the wheels and the slider with wires connected to track power to see if there are any sparks. If there are no shorts initially, then try to press the slider down. Eventually there should be a short. You may have to re-install the slider. Without further details, a better analysis is difficult.


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