Changing Locomotive Address on Piko Decoder

I have a Piko BR 78 locomotive. ( ) My NCE DCC system works perfectly well for running the locomotive, but is unable to detect the decoder for programming purposes. I just want to change the locomotive address from "3" to the number on the side of the cab. Can anyone tell me how to do this?


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    Dear Robert:
    Try to put the loco on your programming track, and change CV 1 to 78.

  • Dear Ulrich:
    Thanks but, as I said, NCE can't detect the decoder, so I can't change anything. The usual program commands cause the locomotive to move forward (!), but don't provide access to CVs.

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    Just try to change CV 1 with programming on the main. Works with my Digitrax station.


  • Thanks, Ulrich. Programming on the main did indeed allow me change the short address to 34 and the long address to the desired 134, although only the short address worked at that point. I then found something which, while not a model of clarity, essentially says to change the CV 29 value to 46 to enable the long address:
    That took care of the problem.

  • That was my post at the other forum. CV 29 has to be calculated for the address you want to use. There is an on-line calculator here:

    The site is not an HTTPS site so you may get a security warning. The site appears to be safe. I have used it several times.

  • I have from Raynaulds brand new PIKO 52822 red shunting engine. The default address was 7 not 3 and while I can get lights and some sounds, the engine moves only in genuine shunting mode — very very slow. I tried reset. I must be missing something. No other new engine has done this. Any ideas? Thanks as always.

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    Do you have a programming track? Programming CV 8 to 1 may only possible on the programming track. However, you may want to check CV2, CV5 and CV6 and see if they have a value other than 0.


  • Ulrich
    Thanks yes I have programming track. I will try what you suggest. Thanks as always.

  • Update - as usual (always) Ulrich saves the day. All fixed now. Thanks much.

  • I have address issue with two locos - one FLMN converted to DCC with LokSound and the other brand new PIKO. They each work fine independently with default address 3, but when I change address on either to 105 or 118, neither then responds to any commands. These are digital items 16 and 17, so I have successfully converted 15 other addresses. Ideas? Anything to do with recent upgrades to Z21? I operate Z21 Black. I use programming track but also tried POM. Thanks as always.

  • The address range from 100 - 128 is strange. Officially it is in the range of two digit address (since addresses are store in base two notation. Some manufacturers allow using them as 2-digit addresses, some as four digit. I try to save it as a two digit addresses, or use a different address above 128.


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    I thank you again. I will try again when I have time. A quick review of my 15 other DCC list reveals none with address range 100 - 128. I will report on my success or failure when I try.

    With kind regards - Chip

    I set addresses 105 to 1050 and 118 to 1180 per your comment Ulrich and now they work properly. I don’t think I will run out of available addresses removing the odd ones that don’t work.

  • Chip:

    Yes, the Z21 is a European product, and they do not like 100 - 128. With Digitrax you can use them as 2 digit addresses, but I have observed some strange behavior. My Loco with address 120 seems to forget its programming occasionally, while it behaves well with address 20. May follow your idea, and call it 1200.


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