Peculiar Electrotren Wagons: Got any?

The remarkable "Cristal Wagon." Seems ironic any shipper would send something as delicate as crystal by open wagon.

My lovely collection of Olive Oil Amphorae, by Electrotren.


  • BR42BR42 Auburn

    Interesting, but on a real train these amphorae would bang into one another since there is no supports holding them in position. ;)


  • An unusual configuration

    My initial impression was that these were sacks of onions, turns out they are fertilizer.

    This really had we wondering, but perhaps these sticks are bound for a charcoal kin?

  • Here's another one that jumped off the shelf and grabbed me. It was found at an El Paso junk shop, and I had to have it.
    Features in the video, "Rail Ambulance Service: Then and Now." The Loch Ness Monster, therein, is merely for some comic
    relief, no metaphorical intent.

  • This not mine, a friend's, of a transformer transporter by Electrotren.

  • Well, apparently everyone only has brown vans. Inspired by Electrotren's delightful range, I found this steam tractor on eBay for a few farthings. As someone pointed out, it would probably look a little better with some chocks and stay wires.

  • Walk like an Egyptian...

  • Your cargo loads look very good.

  • BR42BR42 Auburn

    Yes, very interesting cargo.


  • RailwriterRailwriter Durham, NC

    @Chops said:

    This not mine, a friend's, of a transformer transporter by Electrotren.

    I like the car, but how would it have gotten over the turntable? I am sure it would be tool long and too heavy for the turntable.

    -- Ernest

  • Original Electrotren piece, I am guessing '70's? It would be interesting to know how Electrotren arrived at this design. Crates are marked, "Fragil."
    This was done a little better, I think it was a British range, but I liked the concept. So, found and added this Bugatti to a low sided

  • A few more finds. Again, I'd rather like to know how Electrotren came up with this gambit of odd loads, sometimes improbable, for these low sided gondolas.

    I'd been after this one for a while, finally turned up in Spain.

  • As I was getting ready to repurpose the box for some outgoing excess North American train stuff, so I can better focus on my Brito-Euro trains, I found this little gem in the bottom! Like finding money in your jeans when you are about to toss them in the wash.

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