Roman Mosaics

Aside from model trains, I am quite interested in archeology, particularly the Romano-British period, so it was fun to include a little excavation into the mix. All the surviving Romano-British mosaics are floor patterns, but I thought it would be fun to do something a little more elaborate. The woman, I recollect, is a Sea Goddess worshipped by fishermen, a hazardous occupation. I like the ancient visages peering out from beneath the earth. Obtained by shrinking down a Googled image and printed in color.


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    Nice scene. Noch actually has an archeological excavation of a roman bath as one of its new scene kits.

    Actually there are two versions of scientific "digs." The other version is for dinosaur fossils.

    -- Ernest

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    That is really neat, I may have to spring on that...I have the impression from watching British archaeology shows that one barely has to stick a shovel in the ground to unearth some ancient treasure. My next project is to create a small bit of granite Devonshire collier railway, overgrown and such. It is getting challenging to figure out where to put more stuff. I always wanted to do a canal, and had to haft on a strip jutting out from the left corner.

    I've been most enjoying my Roco 4-4-4, as well as a Lima electric. Both bear strong resemblances to Soviet prototypes, and I am hatching the idea of creating a series of very, very plain gray structures that can be dropped in place over the British structures without having to dismantle anything. They will bear names such as "Ministry of Love," and other Orwellian titles. Would be fun for a video shoot.

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