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Hello,my name Jay and i am new to this forun (so please be gentile) I want to get back into model railroads (its been 35yrs) I have a 4x8 space to work with and wish to do a german ww2 (eastern front) theam. I do understand that a starter set would be the way to go but cant get nearly as excited about any of the modern theams as i do the ww2 one. Can i (with help from ppl here) put togather my dream building it from the ground up,or do i really need a "starter set"? Major question i have,What is the best track,considering i will be exspanding ( both veriticly & horizenitly) over time? What would be the best transformer to run a  DCC system for a beginner? Is it best to raise my track ie..fome/cork bedding and what is the most effcent way of securing the track to my platform?  Should i start w/the the DCC system or DC and then expained to DCC later? Which companys have the best products and service,are there any that have better quailty then others? Budget wise lets just say ive got more dollars then sense,and i am a firm believer in the fact that you get what you pay for so please keep that in mind as you make your suggestions.Lastly thankyou for all the help,comments,suggestions that any of you might have and i am sure in the future i will have ALOT more issues that i will need help on from the fine experts here.            be well....Jay   


  • Oh I for got (LOL) i will be running HO scale trains.

  • Dear Jay:
    We could answer all your questions but it would be much easier to give us a call phone 630 365 6340, ask for Rey.
    Thank You.
    REI INC.
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