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HELLO ALL! I am new, just wanted to say Hi and I have a question. Can a Fleischmann, Kato, etc Locomotive, deisel engine and cars be used on a Bachman system? Thanks for your time, Eric


  • Presuming HO dc analog?  Anything meant to operate on HO dc should run on any HO dc track.  Couplers may vary depending on brand or manufacturer.  But that's another story....
  • Hallo Locofan,

    Usually you can mix equipment from various manufacturers.  The caveat is that Marklin trains (and those made for the Marklin system) cannot be used on DC layouts using standard engines and tracks made by Bachmann, Liliput, Trix, Fleischmann, Roco and others due to the fact that the two outside set of Marklin wheels are connected, and thus will create a short on standard 2-rail track.
    If you running DC analogue, then you set.  If you use DCC, then with all likelihood you use NMRA-DCC used by Roco, Fleischmann (since about five years), Lenz, Bachmann, NCE, Modelrectifier, Easy DCC and Digitrax.  So you will have no problems either.

    European and American norms for track are almost identical, however some Fleischmann locos do not like the frog/guardrail area of NMRA-switches like those made by Atlas. Filing the gap between guardrail and track a fraction of a mm wider takes care of this problem.


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