I'm a U.S. based IIm French narrow gauge modeler. Regretfully with virtually all of the quality large scale manufacturers being located in Germany, there are very few locomotives, wagons, coaches, structures, or accessories devoted to French narrow gauge.<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


I would be grateful for any information on French IIm narrow gauge scale model locomotives. Ready To Run, Kits, or Conversions. If the designation IIm is unknown to you it is the European term for 1:22.5 Scale trains running on 45mm gauged rails to accurately represent 1000mm gauge. This scale and gauge combination is commonly (incorrectly) called G Scale. It seems like I only hear about available French narrow gauge models is after they are no longer available.


Thankfully, I have 40 years of modeling under my belt and have the ability to scratch build or bash what I need. It does however, take a lot of time to do so and I would need to live to about 250 years old to do it.


LGB's Corpet-Louvet narrow gauge locomotives were a very welcome addition and LGB also released a few pieces of French rolling stock but, typical of LGB's attention to detail, are nothing more than German rolling stock repainted. I have the "French" narrow gauge Mallet released by LGB but like the prototype it was not manufactured in France. My interest is in models of 1000mm and 600mm narrow gauge locomotives originally manufactured in France or Belgium. I also model in HOe, HOm, and Oe and info on these models is also appreciated.


Les membres français de ce forum, s'il vous plaît n'hésitez pas à communiquer en français.


  • HI!
    Try the Continental Garden Train Forum. It is of primarily French modelers and trains and it is in English!

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