Fleischmann Engine smells

I have a 0-10-0 Fleischmann steam engine with DCC, it's about 8 years old.  I find that when I run it that it starts to give off a burning smell.  The smell is not from the circuit board, but rather appears to be coming from the motor.  I have applied oil to the motor shaft and other points as directed by the mfr documents (and do so regularly), but I still smells. 
Any suggestions as to other causes to the oder?  Again, it's more of a "hot" smell, and not that of buring electronics such as when you fry a circuit board.


  • Hello,

    It may be the commutator of the motor.  Check if it is clean, otherwise it need to be cleaned.  I usually use a q-Tip with lighter fluid.  Nothing abrasive though.


    BR422012-12-28 11:44:08
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