Help needed

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Need  some 

help  again.  I  want  to 

attach metal handrails to plastic body of few Roco locomotives. Any

advice for glue choice?


are original add-on parts supplied by Roco.

Thank you

for any info.  


  • BR42BR42 Auburn


    I try first if they hold without any glue.  Sometimes the hole is tight enough to obtain a press-fit.  If this does not work, I would use a very thin super glue.  I usually put a tiny drop of it on piece of card board or scrap piece of plastic.  I carefully dip the part into the glue just get a tiny amount at the tip, and put the part into its place.  Moreover I keep the super glue as far as possible away from the loco to avoid any drops getting on it.


    BR422013-04-06 08:00:53

  • Ulrich,<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    Just  finished 

    both  locos.  First 

    one  didn’t  even 

    need  glue,  as 

    you  sad.  For 

    the  second,  I 

    used  super  glue, 

    worked  very  well.  Now  both 

    locomotives  look  much 


    Thank  you 

    very  much!


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