Marklin Maxi loco

Last year I bought a Marklin loco out of a kit on ebay, it is a 0-6-0 loco and has the number of 95011458 on it.  It was advertised as a DC - DCC operating loco.   So far I have not been able to run it on my G scale DC operating track, although it did run hooked up to DCC controller, running but not controlled.

I have not been able to find any details for this to run on DC or how to control it with DCC properly, any help would be appreciated.


  • Hallo.  Is the problem solved ?
    Remove the mechanism cover plate on the bottom of the loc.
    There is a Delta AC circuit plate to switch. All small switches  on off. Loc runs convertionally AC.
    There is also a DC circuit plate to mount. Delivered by the set.


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