ROCO turntable 42615 problem

Hi, I'm new to this forum.  Hope this is how to ask a question.  I have a 42615 turntable.  I can't get power to the turntable track unless the turntable is indexed in one direction or is 180 to the main input track.  The brown and green cable from the controller is connected to an reverse mod and gets 12 volts.  Mainline tracks are at 15.6 volts.  I've tried everything I can think of.  Any ideas?  


  • Hi Wayne

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    Some of us are actually looking in to this.

    You need to answer a couple of questions. Did you buy this turntable new in the box? If so, was there a control or switch box included?

    Are you using any turn-outs(switches) on your track lay-out?

    Is your system digital or analogue?

    Please, let us know.

  • Brooklyn47Brooklyn47 Colorado, USA
    Yes my layout us digital.  I purchased it new.  It came with a controller and I had an extra one I changed out but had the same problem.  I do have 12 switches.  I checked the volts on the turntable track when it's not indexed and it showed 5 volts.  
  • These 12 turn-outs, are you controlling them digitally, or via analogue switch boxes?
  • Brooklyn47Brooklyn47 Colorado, USA
    No, I'm using a Lenz tower switch box,
  • Hello Brooklyn47,

    Have you tried to operate your turntable with a straight DC-power pack?  While digital systems are great, their complexity makes error hunting some times more difficult.  Therefore, I (should) always make sure that an item which gives me trouble works in analog mode.

    I just found a bug in my newly installed signal control system.  One of the reed contacts was working intermittently, after about 5 times it did not act to a train passing over it, then it worked again.I found, blamed and fixed a cold solder spot, but it was not the culprit; then I blamed the accessory decoders, but they were innocent too; I spent Sunday afternoon adjusting magnets and reed contacts, but none of them was the culprit (at least I achieved something in the process, I killed a Marklin mast).  Finally, I turned everything automated off, but what the contact controlled.  Surprise it worked!  I then discovered that my Roco relais that controlled where the contact send its info had a damaged output (given that it is about 20 years old, not too bad).  I soldered the contact to another of the relay's outputs, and everything works fine.  All is well what ends well, (except for the Marklin mast, RIP) 

    If I would have followed my own advice and turned off all the unnecessary electronic parts first, then I would have discovered the faulty relay earlier (and still had my mast).


  • Brooklyn47Brooklyn47 Colorado, USA
    I'll wire the turntable straight from the transformer and bypass dcc.  I'll let you know the outcome.
  • Basic Wisdom

    Anything operated digitally should have its own designated power supply.

    Anything analogue (non-digital), once again, should be supplied by an additional power supply (transformer), adequate in output. This is the best way to go about it.
  • Brooklyn47Brooklyn47 Colorado, USA
    So, I isolated power and have good power all the way to the turntable.  Then it drops down to about 6 or 7 volts.  The cables were checked and are good.  All I can figure is the turntable circuit board must be screwed up. What I don't get is why when you turn the turntable track 180 you loose track power unless your lined up with the main line.  The feeder track at the roundhouse does not feed the turntable track.  It only gets fed in one direction.  I'm not a drinking man but I may start.  I guess my choices are to loose turntable track power or replace the turntable and hope that's the problem.
  • Brooklyn47Brooklyn47 Colorado, USA
    The turntable has it's own power supply.
  • Are you feeding power to the turntable control box? Make sure that the wires from the conrol box to the turntable are consistent in polarity.
  • Brooklyn47Brooklyn47 Colorado, USA
    OK, Thanks BR42 and CHOO CHOO.  Everything is working like it should.  Turned out to be a bad connector on the 8 wire bundle.  Why is the simplest thing the last one you check?  Again thanks.
  • Do you have 12V power connected to the associated control box? Did you check the consistency of polarity of the wires going from the control box to the turnable?
  • Hi Wayne

    We are very happy we could be of help.

    Happy Rail Roading!

    If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask us. We're here for you!
  • Wayne,

    Glad to help.  Sounds like the turntable equivalent of my bad relay.  It is the little things like this that make the hobby so interesting, isn't it?


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