Roco Z21 System connections


I want to connect the Z21 Centre (main track) with the Fleischmann track outlay at four tracks (4 connections).

Is there any (precise) suggestion about how to do that. I am not an expert in electronics, so I will appreciate any contribution from your part.




  • Hello Aralmo,

    I would connect the four tracks to a central hub using 16 gauge or heavier wire.  You then connect the central hub to the track output of the Z21 using the same dimensional wire.

    Remember, the Z21 can deliver up to 3A, which is about three times as much current as a regular power pack.  So adequate wiring is a good idea to avoid voltage drop.  You can do this in several ways depending on the shape of your layout, and there the connection points are.  One possibility is to run a separate feed from the hub to each track, another to have one feed connect to two or more of the tracks.  Most likely, you need to do a combination of both.  Also,  four tracks feeding current may not be enough.  The recommendation is to connect the tracks to power every 90cm (3 ft).  You can use thin 22 or 24 gauge wire for this which soldered to the underside of the track joiners.  For details check my posting under the title the 2-Wire Myth which you can find under

    in this forum.


    BR422013-10-18 18:54:57
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