Coupler change on older Lima locomotive

My nephew has an older Lima locomotive (we think) that was bought used. It has the old coupler that looks like a smaller version of the Lima/Rivarossi O coupler. We tried a Kadee, but it was too short and hung way too low even eth the lowest offset model. Any ideas?


  • Several manufacturers, including Roco, make height-adjustable couplers and kits for installing NEM coupler pockets on older equipment.  Without knowing how the current coupler is attached, it's difficult to give any further advice beyond the fact that to do this kind of coversion, you may have to grind away some of the existing model to achieve the correct height.  It also depends on what type of coupler you are trying to couple to.
    -- Ernest
  • tautemaritetautemarite Kirkland, WA
    Hello Ernest,

    I have many older European locos that I would like to convert to KD's. The idea of a NEM coupler pocket sounds great. Tell me where and how to follow up  this. I use KD 18,19 and 20 all the time with current NEM pockets.

    Chuck Walters

  • Look at Roco items 40343 and 40344:
    These are intended for different length cars, though I assume they could also be mounted on locomotives.
    The listings in the Roco catalogs warn that these are items for advanced hobbyists and that some cutting and milling of the rolling stock may be required to get them to fit.
    I also assume that you would want to mount these with (self-tapping?) screws, as that way, they can be removed if there is a problem with the spring that holds the center alignment.
    Disclaimer:  I have NOT used either of these products.  The older cars and locos that I have use permanently mounted loop couplers that still connect with the Roco universal couplers that I use on my newer rolling stock.  Particularly with some of the older freight cars that I have, I do not absolutely have to have close coupling.
    If you do try them, let us know how that works out.  I might be interested in converting some cars in the future, though, for now, I have other modeling priorities.
    Hope that helps.
    -- Ernest
  • tautemaritetautemarite Kirkland, WA
    Thanks Ernest,
    I had not seen these items before. I will email Rey for details.
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