LED installation

I have a Roco ÖBB 1044 dummy locomotive (Roco item 43727, special series for Austria only, delivered from the factory unpowered).  I plan to use this loco in the future to simulate a pusher locomotive on heavier trains.  Works much better than having a powered pusher, which on model layouts can lead to derailments.  Two powered locos up front should work fine for such trains.
Anyway, I would like to light up the rear red lights on this loco. 
The loco does have the "Lichtleiter" plastic light guides in body shell.  It does not have pre-wired pickups from the wheels, and it looks like these would be a pain to install.  Aso, since -- at least in the near future -- I will stick with analog operations, I would like the lights to stay on even if the train is stopped.
It looks like there is sufficient space in the body of the loco for a standard 9 volt battery.  And, it should not be too difficult to wire in a small switch acessible through the bottom of the locomotive.
I would prefer to install an LED rather than a conventional light bulb, as these are brighter and less likely to burn out over time.
So, my question is this:  Do any of you have a suggestion for a specific product that would provide just a single LED for this purpose.  And, what would I need to do to be able to use this LED with a 9V battery.  (Would I need to install a resistor-- if one doesn't already come with product suggested?  If so, what value?)
Any suggestions welcome.  This is not a particularly urgent project, so there is no hurry.
By the way, I would blank off the other Lichtleiter to the headlights at the opposite end of the loco, as in pusher service the headlights would normally not be lit.
-- Ernest


  • Hey Ernest,

    I actually did LED retrofits to several of my Roco Locos, at some I kept the "Lichtleiter".
    For my 211 ( V100 ) Locos I used 5mm bright red LED's. I receommend to use a 1kOhm resistor if using the 9V power block. Since you are not plan to use the Headlights on wither side and just the markers on one side, you should wrap the not used "Lichtleiter" with Aluminum foil to avoid the red light sining thru ( LED are really bringt ).

    Just to give another example, for my Fleischmann 218 loco's, I installed 3mm LED in the original holes for the bulbs, I just had to drill the hole up to 3mm, that was all.


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