Fleischmann #4162/br 38

I would like to if anyone could tell me how to take off the the tender body off of a Fleischmann #4162 BR 38 with the tub style tender. The motor is making a squealing noise which tells me that the motor and gears need oiling.I have tried removing the screws on the bottom of the tender,but it appears that these screws only secure the truck side frames or the draw bar between the loco and tender. Any help on this matter would be appreciated.


  • Ron:

    I assume that the tup-tender is the same as on with BR 50's 4176/4179.  You need to remove the black screw at the fron of the tender, and the screw in the center of the last (fake) tender boogie.  I would remove the first tender boogie too to get access to all the gears and to avoid any plastic breaking.  Watch out for the small snow plows at the back of the tender, they usually get in the way and break easily.

    By the way, how is the power pick up of your 38?  My 4176 was scared of curved switches (too long rigid wheel base, and the tender picks up power only from one side). After abruptly stopping with a long freight once too many, it was replaced by a Roco 50kab.  However, I have been toying with the idea of the 38 with tub tender.

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