New military train releases

I should have started a new topic with my last post under "converting roco loco to artitec armored train".

Rivarossi has recently released WW2 and later USATC steam locos with and without european buffers. This model (S-100) was shipped by the U.S. to Europe, Iran and all over , including Berlin.
It runs very nicely but be aware it comes with lights or not on differing models.



  • Roco has also announced several versions of a USATC steam locomotive -- either lettered for the USATC or for Austria, where it was taken over into the motive power pool.
    Check the Roco new listings on the Reynauld's site and select steam locomotives.
    -- Ernest
  • tautemaritetautemarite Kirkland, WA
    Thanks Ernest,
    I saw the new large USATC Roco @ $450 & up but for now that is out of my budget. The little switcher, also on Reynauld's site, is $226 and is a sweet runner and a good yard engine.
  • tautemaritetautemarite Kirkland, WA
    Reynauld's and other dealers have the new Fleischmann V-36 Diesel WWII Wehrmacht  loco that was used to shunt their large railguns (K-5) around, particularly in Northern France. #421601 is the DC version. #421681 is the DCC version (without sound) but with DCC couplers. They are all quite affordable. Rey tells me that they can add sound. I am waiting for a cost quote.
  • tautemaritetautemarite Kirkland, WA
    I have not been able to update this thread because of medical issues but REE models and others have put out some nice USATC steam locos in the last year or 2.

  • Chuck, how are you feeling ? I hope you are doing better.
  • Chuck here.
    Had a very difficult couple of heart related surgeries but am slowly improving.
    Starting to get back into model railroading.
    Chuck Walters

  • Chuck:

    I am sorry to hear about your heart problem. Glad that you are doing better. Having a hobby like model railroading is a great way to relax and get back to health.


  • Back on the forum after a long medical absence. Have moved and trying to find a place for my railroad.

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    Welcome back Chuck!


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