Brawa lamp 5015

Can anyone tell me how to install the Brawa 5015 street lamps. it is wired.
Thanks in advance.


  • el Gato Gordoel Gato Gordo Colorado Spring

    Hey, Rob ~

    The Brawa 5015 street light looks like a standard incandescent lamp.  Neither wattage nor amperage are specified.

    So far as circuitry, it could be run on either DC or AC, no more than 16 volts.  Use #20 or larger for a buss wire and solder or clip the leads from the lamp in a parallel circuit.  Doesn't matter positive or negative, just make them all the same.  20 gauge wire is good to 1.5 amps.  #18 is good to 2.3 amps.  You can check the wattage (Ohms) with a volt/ohmmeter and figure out how many lamps you can put on your circuit: VoltsxAmps = watts or watts/volts=amps.

    For a #20 wire circuit, I would put a simple toggle switch, then a 1.5 amp fuseholder & fuse in one outgoing wire, then connect the lamps with one lead to each wire.

    Feel free to come back with questions ~

    Gordon (30 years as a licensed electrician, IBEW)

    ADDENDUM:  Further research on the replacement bulb, Brawa 3266, shows it to be a 16V bulb using 0.030 amps.  For #20 wire at 1.5 amps, you can put about 50 on a circuit.  As an electrician, I would recommend reducing that number by 20%, or a limit of 40, to keep from blowing fuses.


    el Gato Gordo2014-04-16 10:26:15
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