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I acquired several BEMO model 4225 motors from the estate of a friend at my MRR club who had owned a hobby store in Germany. The motor is still manufactured and sold as BEMO Model 4425. One of my major problems in putting these devices to work has been the lack of any instructions in English. Everything I have, or have been able to find are written in German and their translation has left much to the imagination. I want to use them as undertable control for N Scale Peco Electrofrog turnouts. Has anyone done this or can anyone give me more information on where I might find English technical specs for these motors?



  • RailwriterRailwriter Durham, NC

    There are several members of this forum who are reasonably fluent in German.  I'm willing to translate short sections or specific terms.  If you do not want to type in German text, you could always scan the German text and post or e-mail a high-resolution image.
    -- Ernest
  • jtbterrijtbterri San Diego
    Thank you.  I have been able to translate the small information sheet that came with the motors as well as any information on various web sites.  The problem has been that the information is very limited.  For example, the motors have "stops" in either direction.  Are they "stall" type or "set points"?
    Probably the major question is, can you obtain more detailed specifications/instructions on BEMO products and if so, where?  I posted a question to BEMO on their web site but have not received any response.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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