End-of-train lights

While adding full interior lighting to my passenger cars is not high on my current priority list -- among other things, there are some older coaches for which it would be difficult or impossible to install lights -- I have been thinking about end of train lights.  These would still be on even during daylight.  And there are some coaches where instlling electrical pickups would not be too difficult.
There will probably be very little switching of passenger equipment on my future layout, so the same cars would normally be at the end of the train.  Some trains would have cab control cars at the end -- which are already equipped with lights.  But there would still be at least a couple of long-distance trains with just regular coaches.
First, is there anyone that makes a kit that would make it easier to install these double lights on modern coaches?  Yes, I have figured out how to do this with basic raw materials -- use red LEDs in a short section of small brass tube (to cut down on light spill), but this would probably be a lot of work an a tight fit for the end-of-car vestibule area.  I have done some searching for such kits, but am probably not using the right search terms.
I also have one Roco model of a Swiss freight car that has an installed (working) end of train lantern.  This car was supposed a Roco club model.  I bought it used.  I have not seen any other Roco freight cars with this option.  Does anyone make a kit for such end-of-train lights for freight cars?
The car that I have has -- in addition to the electrical pickups from the wheels -- some internal electronics to blink the light and to continue it for a few seconds even after the power is off.  I have not tried to open this car to see if there is a manufacturer label on the electronics. 
Any thought on this topic would be appreciated.
-- Ernest


  • Ernest

    There is such a thing. Viessmann makes a kit (#5069). I got it from Reynaulds, some time ago. It is a little pricey, but worth it. It contains 2 marker light lanterns (LED) and the needed electronics.
    It works well and looks very nice.
  • ESU recently introduced a small module with two EOT Leds attached to it. It costs less than ten bucks and works like a charm. I got several of them from Reynaulds.

    They are easy to work with. They hook up directly to track power. The part number is 50705.Choo Choo2015-05-03 04:28:56
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