Cheap background structures

This August I had the privilege of visiting the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg.  Five and a half hours I wandered through the exhibit, agog at the detail, variety, and humor.  And no, I didn't FILL the 16 Gig card that I had allotted for this excursion.  Not quite.

As any modeler would, I was not only in wonder at the extent of it all, but looking for IDEAS.  I haven't sorted through everything yet, but I thought I would share this photo on how some background houses are built.


As you can see, all different shapes and sizes can be cut out, sanded flat and painted & decorated.  I'm even thinking this might be a good base for the Noch cardboard printed structures, or anything else one might print off from an on line image search.

I don't think these can be illuminated, but imagine how many N Scale structures I could cut out of one block of high density florist foam!





  • StormriderStormrider Vancouver,WA

    Found a "new" company on Ebay called PTF Designs who make 1/2" deep background buildings (to order) in all scales, including some 9-12Volt L£D's. Modern buildings so not so good for old settings/alpine in Europe. They do offer combination "sets" where you get 3-5 buildings slightly cheaper, I like their Oil Storage / Processing plant combo ! Prices I have seen are about US$ 15-20 per building so the combo's are $70+. Take a look.

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