older Liliput HOe sets

I am looking at getting into HOe narrow gauge on my mini indoor layout.  Gotta fill these long upcoming winter days somehow!  I model OBB narrow gauge in G scale using LGB equipment outdoors.  Did Liliput ever offer the 2095 class diesel in a starter set or was it always a seperate sale item?  I have my eyes on a Zillertalbahn set right now but really would like to stick mostly with OBB narrow gauge stuff.  Some of the new stuff is really nice, with the price to go with it.  The older stuff is more in my limited budget range.  I figure if I can do G on a next to nothing budget (got my LGB 2095 for helping move a collection to the owners store to sell) Is there an online resource site that lists all the older Liliput HOe stuff?   Thanks in advance.   Mikie


  • ebay shows 163 Liliput H0e items, many of them used.  On ebay, be sure to specify H0e with a zero (European version of HO) and "Worldwide."  If you order from a European seller, be sure to look carefully at the shipping costs.  Some sellers want $40 in shipping costs for a $20 item.  This only makes sense if you order multiple items and the shipping cost remains the same (combined shipping).
    Other sellers have a much more reasonable $10-12 shipping cost, even for multiple items.
    Be aware that there are really two versions of Liliput -- the older stuff made at the factory in Vienna and the newer items that are made mostly in China and other countries.
    (I realize my response about ebay may not be what you are looking for -- an all-time roster of Liliput equipment.  By the way, you can also often find older catalogs, including Liliput, on ebay.)
    I have a Liliput H0 "Tigerli" 0-6-0 given to me by Walter Bücherl, then owner of the Vienna Liliput, after a tour of the factory many years ago.  It still runs fine.
    Also note that it may be really difficult to find space to install a decoder in some old equipment -- and that installing a decoder in some old equipment may be really impractical -- without a huge amount of work -- because the motor is grounded to the frame and this poses all sorts of electrical probloems.
    -- Ernest
  • Thanks Ernest, didnt know about using a zero instead of the letter O in the HO part when searching.  I do watch ebay closely.  I have relitives in Germany, so if someone wants way to much to ship to the states, I have it shipped to them and they get it to me at a better price.  I am trying to avoid the Chinese versions as well.  While they may run better with a can motor. I would rather have the Vienna built models.  That is really neat getting a model from the owner after a tour!    And I have no plans for decoders ect.   I dont get into all that digital stuff.    Mike
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