Aftermarket couplers for ICE 2 & 3?

Hey, Gang -

I'm tired of trying to fit the bar couplings together on my Trix and Fleischmann ICE trains.  I thought to replace the bars with Profi couplings, but no one seems to have the bulk packs and buying in small quantities is just cost prohibitive (at least while I'm building a new layout).

Does anyone have a suggestion of a good alternative?  Something tried and true?  And perhaps a source....

The trains are all less than 2 years old, and have the standard coupler pockets.

 As always, every response is much appreciated by



  • Hi Gordon

    I know you are an N-Scaler, but I know you also use HO Scale. So, which is it?

    Also, are these trains internally lit? If so, those 'bar couplings' may be current conducting. If they are, you have to live with it or lose the lights.

    Check that out, before we go any further.

  • el Gato Gordoel Gato Gordo Colorado Spring

    Okay, Roger -

    I'm talking about N scale trains (our HO layout is Colorado, 1935 to 1940).  The bar couplers that come with both the Trix and Fleischmann ICE trains are non-conductive plastic.  The "recommended" replacement is Profi couplings - I just can't find any.  So I am wondering if anyone modeling N scale has tried anything else that works well for them.

    Thanks, compadre!


  • Gordon

    Go to the Reynaulds web site. Way up on top of the screen is a Search text box. Type in 9545. Bingo!

  • el Gato Gordoel Gato Gordo Colorado Spring

    Not quite "Bingo!" my friend.  Sigh.

    The 9545 (which may work for the ICE 3 & ICE T - is not in stock, either in the single pack or the 50 pack (389545).

    For the ICE 2, what is needed is the 9570 coupling (at $2.83 each) plus the ICE 2 adapter, #9577 (at $2.09 each).  Reynauld's has the adapters in stock, but not the couplings.

    I am having a hard time finding the Profi couplings anywhere, which is why I posted this inquiry about alternatives that people may have tried, and found to be reliable.

    But hey, Roger, if model railroading didn't have it's challenges, it wouldn't be so satisfying when it all comes together, right?  It does all come together, doesn't it?  Some day?

    Enjoying your blogs!


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