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BrunoBruno Albuquerque, NM
I have just graduated from Bachmann digital control unit to a Fleischmann control unit included in the Fleischmann Starter Set #931404.

I get through the library mode for entering new locomotives to; assigning the library name, assigning a locomotive address, and select the speed steps. Then the instructions say to “change the decoder address as shown on page 42 where they say “CV’s can be made using the combination of MENU + function key”. When I do that it goes to “ERR 4”. It seems like something is missing in the instructions or its something I don’t understand.

As the instructions dictate, I have only one engine on the tracks; which is not the same as the engine that was supplied with set and which works fine. I also question if I should RESET the system; however I question if this would also delete the one good engine that works?



  • BR42BR42 Auburn
    Hello Bruno:

    Welcome to the Forum.

    No, do not reset the unit.  ERR 4 indicates that the Multimouse is set to program on the mainline, i.e. on the track.  In this setting, all CVs except CV1 (address) can be changed.  You need to program that CV on a separate programming track.

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