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Several years ago I purchased a Marklin HO Mega Starter Set 29821, which comes with the 6001 transformer, mobile station controller, and a beginner oval with what looks like the C1 extension. To this set I've added the C2, C3, C4, and C5 extension sets. I typically run only one train at a time and use only manual switches. The mfx trains run great, but after running them for about 10 minutes or so the sounds all stop. The train keeps running just fine, but no more sound. I can swap out the locomotive with another, as I have since purchased a few more locomotives, and the situation is the same. Runs great, sounds great (steam noises, diesel or electric sounds, horns, etc.) for about 10 minutes or so and then the sounds stop. Same situation regardless of what mfx locomotive I use. Any suggestions? Transformer? Mobile station upgrade to Central Station 2? More feeder tracks wired to transformer?


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    The problem you are describing I have not encountered before.

    Now, as far as I know, this Starter Set should have come with transformer 60055. The 6001 is not really very suitable to feed an MS 1.
    It is intended to supply power to off track items like building and street lights and turnout mechanisms.

    Questions: Do you have the transformer hooked up to anything other than the tracks? If so, disconnect it whatever it is.

    Does the sound shut off after 10 minutes on all your engines? Does the sound resume after you stop the loco, then run it again?

    The MS 1 was not the best controller Maerklin made. It has its quirks. I discontinued mine (2 each) after only about 3 months of troublesome usage. I upgraded to 2 ea MS2's. Later I got the CS 2, which is actually the way to go. The new power transformer is #60065. For MS2 and CS2 you will also need the connector box 60013.

    The 6001 you can use for purposes described above.Choo Choo2015-04-22 17:05:29
  • Hey Alex,

    go for the MS2, not pricy and a good small central unit. I got one myself to test mfx locos when I got them for repair. Easy to use, I never had to even look at the manual, all straight forward. It can also "talk" DCC, in case you buy a loco with a non MFX sound decoder ( Like Brawa or Roco ).


  • Thanks guys for the ideas. I was thinking it might be a power issue and was thinking of upgrading to a higher VA transformer. I believe it is a 6001 as I looked up that set online and got the transformer pn from there. I can double check later today to verify, but it is not connected to anything else. I intentionally removed tracks that had electric switches just to isolate the power to just the trains.

    The sound does shut off from the trains after about 10 minutes of operation; perhaps 15. The sound cutout is pretty instant in that I don't get diesel noise, but no horn. Once the sound cuts out, it cuts out all sounds for that train. I can replace the train with another and the sound works fine for that next train for a while, but then will cut out as well. If I return the first train back to the track, no sound. If I return the second train back to the track, no sound. If I wait until the next day and try everything all over again, the sound comes back to all trains. Weird; no?

    One suggestion I had was perhaps to extend the power to additional feeder tracks around the large oval; perhaps to 3-4 locations; not just power to one feeder track as this might distribute the power a bit more evenly to even the far edges of my setup. I have extra wires, a soldering iron, and a distribution plate that I will have to experiment with perhaps this weekend or next.

    Last, I was also suspicious of the MS1 and have been wanting to upgrade to even a CS2, but just waiting for the right time to make that expensive move. I agree that the MS2 would be a good and much cheaper option, but if my end state is to get a CS2 at some point, but I might as well save up and just get that. If it truly is an issue with the MS1, then this might be the right excuse to move up.
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    Sound equipped locomotives draw a rather high current in comparison to standard locos.  I think, one feeder set is not enough.  I believe that you need to have a pair of feeder wires go to the track every 3ft.  Voltage drop due to a small number of feeder can cause the strangest symptoms.

    The MS1 produces 1.9A, but I do not know if this is a short term rating or the long-term rating.  Anyhow, 1.9A may be at the low end of the power output for running to sound equipped locos.  I have read that others had problems running the PA-1 Alcos on the MS1, and the diesel plus the steamer are about the same as a double set of ALCOs as far as the power consumption is concerned.


  • New member with a power problem.

    Have medium size Marklin M track set up. Presently o Delta.  All was running well, started to show signs of slowing down and then completely stopped. Cleaned the track system, power only shows on feeder track then goes dead. A bit frustrated....any suggestions and or advise appreciated.........Ted 

  • Hello Ted

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    We need just a little more information in order to answer your question, as there can be several reasons for the slow down.

    How many locomotives do you operate? If all locos are affected, there could be connection deterioriation between the track section in more than just one place.
    If only one locomotive is affected it will most likely need a cleaning and lubrication job.

    Check all wiring connections and make sure there is no corrosion.

    Did you recently make any changes or additions to your system, such as adding interior car lights or adding a device which consumes track power?
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