Wiring help

I am looking for a person knowledgeable with the Maerklin HO wiring to help me restore my outlay to its prime glory. Of course I would gladly pay the usual and customary fees for the advice and help.

The tracks are laid down. It has tur4n table and other niceties. There is a disconnect between the switches and the control panel. The question is how to connect all those wires.

I feel so stupid. 


  • BR42BR42 Auburn
    Hey Todorov:

    I live in Auburn, AL and might be able to help.  We could meet next time I go to Birmingham.

  • TodorovTodorov Northport, Alab

    Wonderful. I live in Tuscaloosa. May I come to Auburn to show you pictures of my stuff? As I said in my initial posting I will be happy to cover your usual and customary fees. 

    Alexandre Todorov




    5118 Northwood Lake Drive East Northport Al 35476 

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