programing roco railjet locomotive

I once again need some help with programming my 62366 roco railjet locomotive. I am using an NCE system at our club layout. I have not been able to get the cab car lights to come on. I reset the decoder to the default programming. I think there is something with cv 29. The default seems to be 6. If I change it to another number the lights either do not work at all or the direction is reversed. I have tried pushing button 8  on the controller which selects the cab and the red lights go out on the rear of the loco but do not come on on the cab car.

I am programming with the cab car and the locomotive connected together as I believe they need to be connected.  I believe there is something with the speed steps that may affect the way it functions as well.

Also, does anyone know where one can get a manual for this decoder? I think it is a Zimo decoder but I am not sure.

Any help would be appreciated. I had the lights working before and now they stopped working on the cab car.

Thank you for your help.



  • Instructions for most Roco decoders are available for download in PDF form from the Roco factory Web site.  Strangely enough, these links are not provided with the decoder catalog listings.  Rather, you have to go to the "Service" section and then "Downloads."


    Try this page:


    The instructions are all in multiple languages including English.  Note that several of the 1088x series of decoders are the same.  The only difference is the type of connector provided.


    If you have a factory-installed sound decoder, it will be specific to the type of locomotive and only identified by the replacement part number on the replacement part sheet.  However. the above page includes generic instructions for a Zimo sound decoder.


    If it is non-sound, it is probably a 1088x.


    I hope that helps.


    --Ernest (in snowy and icy North Carolina)

    Railwriter2016-01-23 10:00:53
  • cpmodlercpmodler Chicago, IL
    Thank you for the information about the instructions.

    I am still in need of some help with getting the lights to work on the cab car. I tried to set CV 29 to 4 but then no lights worked. When CV 29 is set to 6 the default number the lights work on the locomotive but not on the cab car.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Hello CP,

    To reset the decoder you will have the write the value 8 in the CV8, everything else doesn't reset the decoder. After the the decoder is set to 28/128 speed steps, which should be correct for all more recent DCC systems, only some very old units can only run in 14 steps. Is the entire train from Roco, or loco from Roco and Cars from JC ? That might make a difference. Cabcar and loco should ONLY be together on the programming track to change the address, ALL OTHER programming need to be done separately, since the function mapping for the cab car and the loco are different.

    edit: I' m also from Chicago.



    Model Train Projects2016-01-23 23:26:03
  • cpmodlercpmodler Chicago, IL
    Hello Leif,

    The whole 7 car railjet train is Roco. I did do the reset in cv 8. The lights are still not working correctly. does the reset affect the speed steps or do I need to set the speed steps after doing the cv8 reset? I used to have the lights working correctly but I cannot get the cab car lights going. I am programing both loco and cab car on the programing track. I have tried to use button 8 on the controller to shut off the rear red light on the loco. It used to set the light on the cab car but it is not working now.

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  • V221 DBV221 DB Philadelphia

    Not sure if you have resolved this, but, I had similar problems with a Trix GG1.  Sometimes it is the mapping of the functions.  The actual function may not correspond to the function you desire, or it may be a function that is a momentary instead of "latched" function.  I had to remap my functions to match what was on my digitrax controller.
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