marklin digital sound effects

I am new to MarklinHO digital. I have one mobile station and one
mxf loco.  I am trying, without suceess, to lower the volume of loco
sound effects.  The directions in the Mobile station #60653 booklet are incomprehensible
to me.

Thank you, ed sholko

23 may 2016, 


  • RailwriterRailwriter Durham, NC
    Hello Ed,

    As all our three-rail AC friends appear to be hibernating (at least as far as this forum is concerned) or to be otherwise occupied, I will give this a try.

    I do not have any personal experience with three-rail AC or the equipment you have -- but I may still be able to provide some assistance.

    In the DC digital world, parameters are storied in something called CVs.  It is my understanding that, in the Motorola (AC) world, these are called registers and do not necessarily correspond numerically to CVs.

    To change the volume on your loco, you will need to know two things:
    • How to change the value of a register, using your control station
    • Which register and what values to use.
    I presume you have already changed the address of one or more locos, using your control station; changing other registers should be similar.

    According to some documentation that I have, in the Motorola format, register 15 is used for volume control.  There are three permissible values (This is for an older ESU decoder):
    • 00 = soft
    • 01 = medium
    • 02 = loud

    I would hope that your loco came with some documentation describing the installed decoder.  If so, you should try to verify that register 15 is for volume control and what the permissible values are.

    If you have not yet changed any values for your loco, you need to look at the section of the instructions for your control station that tells you how to change register values.  (You should always change the address of a loco to something other than the factory default value.  That
    way you will not have conflicts as you add additional locos.)

    (For anyone that cares, in the DC digital world, CV 63 is used for volume control, with the same permissible values 00-02 as above -- at least for the ESU decoder, for which I have instructions.)

    I hope that helps at least a little.  Again, I do not have the specific items that you have and do not operate three-rail AC, so that's about as specific as I can get.

    You can always try with more questions, and maybe those with three-rail AC experience can help with those.

    -- Ernest

    Railwriter2016-05-25 16:08:03
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