Is it really back?

Hey, everyone!

Is the forum really finally back? I've been checking two or three times a day for more than a month to see if the forum was back in business.

Though I haven't met any of the forum members in person, I've missed everyone -- and the discussions and progress reports.

I hope everyone is well.

-- Ernest


  • el Gato Gordoel Gato Gordo Colorado Spring
    Same here! Glad to be home!

    I'm installing some Uhlenbrock decouplers; for N scale they seem to work with Fleischmann Profi couplings.
  • BahnerBahner East Bay, CA
    Yay, glad to see the forum back up again :)

    Looking forward to the members' updates.
  • BR42BR42 Auburn

    Yes, I am surprised too.  Nobody told me as Forum administrator!  I had given up.

  • el Gato Gordoel Gato Gordo Colorado Spring
    It must have been on a "need to know" basis, Ulrich! Why tell the administrator?    image

    Nine days and counting!
  • RailwriterRailwriter Durham, NC

    Now that the Forum has been stable (at least as far as I can tell) for a while, maybe you can get Rey to include a note in one of his e-mail newsletters that the Forum is back up.  I am sure that many of the people who used to read it and participate are not aware of this.

    By the way:  If you click the Forum tab at the top of the page when you are logged into a Reynauld's account (on the main Web site) you still get the page that says that the forum is offline -- though the link from the home page works fine.  Someone needs to try out some of the other parts of the Reynauld's site to make sure that the Forum link now works on all pages.

    -- Ernest

  • BR42BR42 Auburn

    This seems to be fixed now. 


    I guess you right.  Same at the University.


    BR422017-07-14 10:04:37
    Well, it seems it still has issues because I looked it up the last three days and I got the offline notice. I like to post when I have a little bit free time, not when the forum is available.

    Beside a lot of work in my job and a tight schedule I lost the interest in continue to keep my postings updated. It takes time to post updates here but for a uncertain outcome if the forum stays open or not and the gamble if the forum is accessible or not I do not update my post in the layout section and maybe look up this forum once all two weeks instead of daily in the past.

    I was trying to drag some more people into it here but all the effort I made was leveled because of the long offline period and it doesn't really improved, still looks the same with the same little features and complicated and limited way to do postings. I rather start my own before do this effort again, sorry guys.

    RRVRR2017-07-14 12:59:58
  • RailwriterRailwriter Durham, NC

    While the Forum does still appear to have issues from time to time, please note my earlier comments that the links on some pages still point to the blue "Forum offline" page.

    If you get that.  Try the link on the home page,   Or, better still, set up a bookmark in your browser that goes directly to the Forum.

    -- Ernest

  • el Gato Gordoel Gato Gordo Colorado Spring
    Markus is right, though. The Forum is still off line quite a bit, but it has been up more than down in the past 4 to 6 weeks. I do check every day, both through the REI website link and directly out of loyalty.

    But I'm not going to abandon this forum yet. I hope the problems get resolved, and that our lost members find their way home.
  • michaelrose55michaelrose55 Orange City, FL
    edited April 2019

    Looks like it's back again :) .
    This is just a test post to see whether it really works.

  • michaelrose55michaelrose55 Orange City, FL

    And as you can see the smileys don't work correctly. The smiley was supposed to sit next to the word 'again' but it's placed somewhere on the next line. I'll try again:
    text :) text ;) text

  • michaelrose55michaelrose55 Orange City, FL

    Again that was a single line: text smiley text smiley text
    Some more work to do Rey!

  • What sort of tags are those being used to post photos? I've never seen those before. They don't seem to be VBB or HTML tags.

  • el Gato Gordoel Gato Gordo Colorado Spring

    Okay, I copied the URL of a photo from PhotoBucket, clicked on the picture icon above, and pasted it in the URL box that appeared. Before I click "post comment" just the https address appears. Now I'll click post comment and see what happens.

  • That's how I found out I have to post photos here.

    If I just copy & paste the VBB-ready link at Imgur it just turns up as a hot link.

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