10x5 German Bavarain Custom Layout Forsale

Reynaulds finally got around to building layouts. This custom layout is powered by the Roco Z21 digital system and Freiwald silver edition software. The layout is really amazing because of all the functionality. The layout has a hidden shadow station with digital occupancy modules that hold 5 full trains. It is really entertaining to watch one train disappear into a tunnel and have another train magically appear; the software runs a program where it will constantly rotate trains. The software will control the entire layout however, you can easily turn the software off and run a train with a hand controller, smartphone, or tablet. The layout is 10x5, all the structures on the layout are MBZ which were custom built and painted. The trees and scenic material are from MBR, SILHOUETTE SILFLOR MININATUR and NOCH. The track we used on the layout is Tillig elite which was weathered and painted, all the turnouts are powered by cobalt motors. Everything about the layout was professionally built, we even imported real stone ballast from Germany. To learn more about the layout or to purchase the layout please feel free to contact us anytime. Reynaulds can design and build any size layout or diorama in any scale. Whether you are looking for a layout for yourself, your business, or a museum. We have the capacity and technical expertise to build whatever it is that you have in mind. Layouts are built right here in our studio in Elburn, Illinois and delivered directly to you. From initial planning through the final touches, Reynauld’s can build you the layout of your dreams. To purchase this amazing and affordable German Bavarian HO layout please contact us at 1888-762-6872 or send your inquiries to info@reynaulds.com.

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  • That's a really nice looking layout.

  • Thanks, Michael, Leif really work hard on the layout, he has put in 360 hours but it turned out great.

  • el Gato Gordoel Gato Gordo Colorado Spring

    Leif is to be congratulated on a project extremely well done! Now if he were working in N scale I would pass along the contact info of a fellow who has been trying to buy my layout.

  • BahnerBahner East Bay, CA

    Lost of nice features and looks great!

  • Gordon we have built several excellent N-Scale layouts, send him our info if he is still looking.

  • The layout comes also comes with five digital locomotives which are fully programmed, four locomotives have sound. It comes with the Roco Z21 digital system, a lab top, and freiward silver software. It also comes with two video cameras and a tablet so you can view the activity in the hidden shadow station. The layout price is $26,500.00. We have 360 man hours in the layout and nine thousand in trains, electronics, structures, and scenic material.

  • el Gato Gordoel Gato Gordo Colorado Spring

    Will do Rey! Maybe that will get him off my back at train shows.

  • BR42BR42 Auburn

    Very nice indeed. You guys got the signaling correct too, which something seldom seen on layouts.


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