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Don't know if this is the case at all Office Depots (or Office Max Stores, which are part of the same company), but my local Office Depot currently has a clearance sale on sturdy small snap-top plastic storage boxes -- many of them for less than $1 each. The brand name is "Really Useful Box" -- yes really.

Sizes range from a couple of inches by a couple of inches up to shoe box size and larger.

I've found that I can never have enough storage boxes for all the small parts that one accumulates. I got a handful of these boxes today and may get a few more the next time I stop by -- if the sale is still on. (You can also find these boxes on Ebay and elsewhere -- but the Office Depot prices were really good.)

I've had some of these really small boxes for many years -- for example for use for small items in my photo backpack.

-- Ernest


  • BR42BR42 Auburn

    Can never have enough of these. I have about 15 boxes with things like tools, wires, leftover parts from kits, detailing parts for locos, and the catch-it-all miscellaneous.


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